Report of the 25 Years LIFE Celebration Event

8 June 2017 took place the 25 Years LIFE Celebration Event organized by the IETcc (CSIC). Other LIFE projects were invited to attend, these were LIFE MINOx-Street and LIFE EquiNOx. Also, both LIFE Photoscaling project participants, which are Madrid City Council and ETSII (UPM), presented their current states and advances until today.


Marta Castellote, IETcc director, opened the event. Then, she, as LIFE Photoscaling project coordinator, explained how the project pretends to scale laboratory tests to real sizes and the tasks performed.P1100867

Emilio Martínez, from Madrid City Council, told the characteristics of the LIFE projects performed by them, specially, LIFE Photoscaling.

Rafael Borge, from ETSII (UPM), showed how the data from the weather stations and volatile organic compounds measuring devices are statistically processed.

Benigno Sánchez, from CIEMAT, explained the conclusions of LIFE MINOx-Street project, including surprising differences between two zones of the roads: (1) where the cars circulate and (2) the zone between the wheels which is not touched by the cars.

Anna Paris, from ELSAN, spoke about LIFE EquiNOx project and how they treat superficially asphalt pavements to remove nitrogen oxides in urban environments.

You can watch the whole event in our YouTube account.