LIFE-Photoscaling Project introduced at “Sustainable Building” in Montevideo (Uruguay)

Successful second edition of the Course “Sutainable Building” in Montevideo (Uruguay).

This course has been organized by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID), under the coordination of Ángel Castillo and Isabel Martínez, which are IETcc (CSIC) scientists.

More than forty attendees were rigurously selected among science and technology of building professionals.

The IETcc (CSIC) speakers were Fernando Martín-Consuegra (Architect), Ana Mª Guerrero (PhD in Chemical Sciences), Eva Jiménez (Degree in Environmental Sciences), Isabel Martínez (PhD in Chemical Sciences) and Ángel Castillo (PhD in Road, Canal and Port (Civil) Engineering). Moreover, Luis Fernández Luco (PhD in Road, Canal and Port (Civil) Engineering) collaborated as a Buenos Aires University professional.

The course speakers dealed with six principal topics:

  • Energy efficiency in building process.
  • Building on earth.
  • Intervention in existing structures: sustainable maintenance and repair.
  • Healthy building for a better environment: indoor environment quiality, decontamination and application of photocatalytic materials.
  • Development of new cement-based materials, and special concretes than improve the sustainable environment.
  • Rational use and management of waste, water. Use of industrial secondary products.

Practical workshops and a technical visit were carried out in order to analyce on site some topics dealed in the course.

Due to the created expectation (more than 100 registrations received from Uruguay and more than 300 from the whole region), the Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española decided to perform an open activity to meet the demands. The morning of the day 16th almost a hundred of Uruguayan professionals attended this activity.

Furthermore, different mass medium covered the course and interviewed the speakers.

This training belongs to the Programa Iberoamericano de Formación Técnica Especializada (PIFTE), which try to build up the exchanging of knowledge among Spain and latin countries.

The full programme can be seen in this link.