Cleaning the platforms

From the first time, one of the tasks in LIFE Photoscaling project was simulating real life conditions over our products. That aim includes the effects of environmental conditions, vehicles abrasion and also the cleaning by City Council workers. Today, this last condition has been simulated.

The process of cleaning is divided in two ones:

1. Cleaning the “Leaching Bank of Proofs”.

This action has been carried out by a City Council subcontracted company. It simply consists on a pressurized water jet by a tank truck. A person directs the water and leads the dirt to the grids and pipes.



  • Water is collected and analysed to check if rests of materials have been loosed from the surface.
  • Surfaces are tested before and after cleaning treatment using NOx activity test.


2. Cleaning the graffiti painted in the “Natural Conditions Bank of Proofs”.

This action has been also carried out by same people. Firstly, a paint stripper (aqueous acid solution) is extended during a while; then, the surfaces are cleaning with water. The result is shown in the image below.


  • Surfaces are tested after the treatment using photocatalytic tests to verify if these cleaning products damage the materials.